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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


VARSHA RANI is a tribal folk story written by Flying Birds Kiran Rai and Shaina Ikram from Seelampur Community. This is a class room assignment of the whole team coming to learn about NEW MEDIA. This tribal digital story is a final project assignment by the team members who study in KALPANA CHAWLA MEDIA RESOURCE CENTER at Jafrabad-Seelampur which is situated in the urban slums of East Delhi.

The photographs of the short digital story have been taken by Aseem Asha Usman who is a regular faculty, teaching films and New Media to the students in KCMRC. Aseem took these photographs of Tribal Art during his visit to Bhubaneswar (Orissa) in December 2010. Local Tribal Artist who made the tribal paintings on the walls of local residential colonies are visible in these photographs.

The students of KCMRC were asked to make a film on the paintings of these photographs. Many stories were told to make a final product but the VARSHA RANI was selected the best among all. This short digital story is produed by Aseem ASHA Foundation and Flying Birds of India group.


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